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uncover your legs - learning about varicose vein treatments

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The VA Can Make Hearing Loss Assistance Easier

If you're a veteran suffering from hearing loss because of military service, you shouldn't be paying for your own hearing aids--or many other medical issues for that matter. Veterans Affairs disability is different from other forms of disability in that you don't have any income restrictions (aside from specific instances in which you shouldn't be able to work). If you're not financially able to seek hearing loss assistance or would rather not keep digging into your pocket for something caused by military service, here are a few ways that the VA and hearing loss specialists can help.

Get A Hearing Loss Specialist's Opinion

Hearing loss is caused by many aspects of military service. From explosions in combat to heavy machinery in engineering space and alarms all across the technical sector, there's no shortage of threats that can destroy your hearing. Many professions have implied hearing loss causes that can streamline the disability compensation process, but if you served in a position that isn't well known for hearing loss threats, there's just a bit more work to do.

Bring your medical records and speak with a hearing loss specialist. By detailing your situation and discussing your intent to file for Veterans Affairs disability, you can get all the evidence you need to push a successful claim forward.

If your claim is approved, you'll be entitled to reimbursed costs for any related medical visits--and who knows, the hearing loss specialist may need to charge as much while building rapport with you and the VA. If your claim is successful, your hearing loss specialist stands to gain a customer funded directly by VA—a nice incentive for helping a customer who has already helped the country.

How Does The VA Provide Disability?

Disability compensation includes medical support, monetary compensation and a slew of other services. Many of these services are already available to any veteran with an other than honorable discharge, but veterans with service-connected disabilities can enjoy more advanced medical procedures with either no personal financial cost or a co-pay depending on their priority group.

Your monetary compensation depends on the disability rating for your specific disability, ranging from 0% to 100%. A 0% rating acknowledges that you have a problem, but that you don't need monetary compensation for it. Such ratings can be appealed for an increase in percentage.

Since the VA has issues with slow wait times, it's not uncommon to get a referral simply by asking. You can even name a preferred medical professional--such as the hearing loss professional who helped you in the beginning--since it's easier to continue service than finding a new medical service.

Contact a hearing loss professional to discuss ways to design a claim with all the hearing loss evidence you need, as well as a more robust hearing aid supply selection than the VA standard issue choices.