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uncover your legs - learning about varicose vein treatments

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What Can Lead To Alcohol Abuse & Signs That Your Teen Is Drinking

You love your child, and you know that your teen may be exposed to negative things when you are not around. One thing you might be worried about is underage drinking, since it is a dangerous epidemic amongst teenagers in the U.S. The following guide will help you understand some of the reasons teenagers drink so that you may prevent it and a few signs that it may be too late. 

What Leads Teenagers To Drink Alcohol? 

It is of the utmost importance that you understand some of the following because statistics show that about 35.1 percent of 15-year-old teenagers have drunk at least one drink. And what is worse is that teenagers under the age of 21 run the risk of being part of the 4,358 teens who die every year as a direct or indirect result of underage drinking. 

The following things may lead your teen to start drinking:

A Desire For Risks

One thing that is fairly common amongst teens is a desire for risks, which is something that comes with adolescence and puberty. Experts believe that the reason teenagers are interested in risks is because their brain is encouraging them to explore.

A teenager does not see the end result but rather possibilities, which are thrilling. One of those thrills could be underage drinking, but perhaps you can satisfy your teen's desire by introducing some of the following:

  • Take him or her out for supervised risks like rock climbing or cave exploration
  • Let him or her participate in sports

Watch Out For Bad Influence

Most teenagers care about how others see them. The brain of a teenager is going through some developments that cause the teen to seek reward from his or her peers. Consider the following:

  • Set a couple of rules when it comes to the kind of friends that your teen hangs with
  • Make it a priority to know your teen's friends
  • Let him or her join groups of teenagers who are engaged in positive activities

Signs That It May Be Too Late

Your teen may still drink no matter how much you try to keep him or her away from this drug, and you should be aware of some of the warning signs so that you and a drug rehabilitation representative can do something about it:

  • School issues with attendance or grades
  • Rebellious actions against you or your family
  • He or she switches friends and may refuse your interest in meeting them
  • Mood swings or poor concentration

There could be other changes that only you as a parent might notice, but make sure you talk to a drug rehabilitation representative if you suspect that your teenager is having a problem, as he or she can help.