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uncover your legs - learning about varicose vein treatments

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4 Signs That Your Toddler Needs A Hearing Test

As a parent, you probably don't want to think about there being anything wrong with your little one. However, if your toddler has hearing problems, it is important to have a hearing test done as soon as possible. Many people think that it's tough to detect hearing loss in toddlers and small children, but if your child is suffering from this issue, there's a chance that he or she is showing you in a few different ways. These are a few signs that your toddler needs a hearing test.

1. Your Child's Speech Development Seems Delayed

It's not abnormal for toddlers to take their time to develop clearer speech or to speak in long sentences. If you notice that your child seems to be far behind his or her peers in regards to speech, however, a hearing impairment could be a contributing factor. Don't assume that your child will "grow out of it" and begin speaking more clearly or saying more words without any help. He or she might be having trouble hearing, which can make mimicking speech difficult or impossible.

2. Your Little One Does Not Respond to His or Her Name

It is natural for a person to respond to his or her name, even if he or she is young. If your toddler does not turn around or acknowledge you in some form or fashion when his or her name is called, don't just assume that it's a toddler-based stubbornness. You child could really be having a difficult time hearing you.

3. Your Toddler Does Not Follow Directions

It's not uncommon for your young toddler to avoid following directions whenever possible. If you ask your toddler to do something not-so-fun, you might not be surprised that he or she doesn't want to do what you have said. However, if you ask your toddler to do something enjoyable, such as coming to get a bowl of ice cream or going and getting a favorite toy, and do not get a response, it could be because your little one did not hear what you said.

4. Your Little One Listens to the Television Loudly

Finding that your television's volume is always turned up loudly can be rather frustrating, but if your child is always turning up the volume or stands very close to the television, he or she could be having trouble hearing what is being played.

Realizing that your toddler might be suffering from hearing loss can be very upsetting. However, fast treatment can be very helpful in determining the source of the problem and helping your child move on. If you notice any of these four things, now is the time to take your toddler in for a hearing test at RI ENT Physicians Inc DBA Hearing Centers of RI.