uncover your legs - learning about varicose vein treatmentsuncover your legs - learning about varicose vein treatments

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uncover your legs - learning about varicose vein treatments

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Back Muscle Spasms After A Football Injury: How Physical Therapy Can Help

Did a rough tackle on the football field leave your back in a lot of pain? The hard fall to the ground may have caused the muscles in your back to spasm, but the problem may go away with physical therapy. Discover what a physical rehabilitation specialist can do to give you back pain relief.

How Can Physical Therapy Help with Muscles Spasms in the Back?

Muscles can spasm for a long time after a sports injury, so a physical therapist comes in handy for speeding up the relief process. A therapist can massage your back muscles to bring on more spasms. Although experiencing more muscles spasms seem unpleasant, it is the key to releasing the tension in your back.

A lot of pressure will be applied to the area of your back where the spasms are happening. As the therapist applies pressure to your muscles, you will likely feel more pain but it will subside shortly after (during the same visit). However, multiple visits to the therapist may be necessary before all of the pain will go away. Manual physical therapy usually takes place with only the use of hands and not special tools are required.

You may want to seek advice from an orthopedic surgeon before undergoing physical therapy for your back. Make sure there are no other problems that require surgery. Many back surgeons refer their patients to physical therapists if surgery can be avoided, as back surgery can sometimes lead to permanent spinal damage.

Where are Physical Rehabilitation Sessions Done?

There are several different places where you can receive physical therapy for your back. Some sessions are held in hospitals and clinics. However, you can also hire a private physical therapist to visit your home to perform the sessions. The great thing about therapy is that it does not require any commercial medical equipment, which means it can be done from basically anywhere.

The gym you use for getting in shape for games may also offer physical rehabilitation services. Finding a good therapist is the key to getting healed and the quality of the sessions. You should feel better upon completion of each session.

Don't allow muscles spasms in the back to interfere with your ability to help your team win games. Seek rehabilitation  from a clinic like Nick Roselli Occupational Therapy so you can feel your best. Make an appointment with a physical therapist to get rid of those muscles spasms!