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uncover your legs - learning about varicose vein treatments

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Speech Therapy After A Brain Injury

There are a variety of accidents that can lead to brain injuries. Individuals can slip and fall and hit their heads in the process. It is also possible to sustain injuries from car accidents or workplace accidents. Brain injuries can cause a number of issues. Some issues can last a lifetime, and others can be improved with therapy. Speech is one thing that can be negatively impacted by a brain injury, and learning to speak is a reality for many individuals with brain injuries. The following points identify ways that speech may be impacted by a brain injury.

Slurred Speech

This type of speech issue can occur when the brain is trying to process thoughts. However, the thoughts about what is going to be said come faster than the actual words. Slurred speech is common with longer complex statements rather than short simple sentences.


The part of the brain that is responsible for language can get damaged after an accident. This can delay the brain's way of processing what word(s) need to be said and in what order. The end result is stuttering as the brain is delayed in processing the correct word(s) to say. Stuttering can also occur if a brain injury causes damage to the area of the brain that is responsible for controlling the vocal cords and tongue. Individuals who stutter often stop to gather their composure and then resume speaking.


This type of speech issue involves speaking in a manner that the speaker understands. However, the spoken words are not clear enough for listeners to understand. In some cases, the spoken words can be partially understood. It can be frustrating for the speaker because they are often asked to repeat themselves. 

Language Processing

It is possible for individuals with brain injuries to have issues with speaking and understanding language. Speech therapy is an effective way to re-learn these things through activities. Speech-language therapy sessions can help with this part of the healing process as well as speech impediments.

Speech therapy is a viable way for individuals with brain injuries to improve their speech after accidents. It is possible for speech issues to persist after an individual's physical injuries have healed. This is why some individuals continue to need speech therapy even though they appear to have healed from their injuries. The brain is a delicate organ; retraining it to organize thoughts and enunciate them can be achieved with speech therapy.