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uncover your legs - learning about varicose vein treatments

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Four Types Of Assisted Living Services And How They Can Help Your Aging Parents

If you are looking into assisted living services for your aging parents, you may be surprised to learn about all of the types and options available. You may even feel a bit overwhelmed and wonder who these services are best suited for and how the services operate. To lessen the emotional burden and stress, the following information should help you make a more informed choice.

Twenty-Four-Hour Assisted Living Services

These services provide around-the-clock care for your parents. A nursing staff is always there, and there may be several nurses or nursing assistants on rotation through your parents' home. This service is best suited for aging adults who pose a wandering risk because of dementia or Alzheimer's, or who have end-of-life nursing needs and want to be at home instead of in a nursing facility or hospital. Additionally, twenty-four-hour services can be provided by live-in nursing staff, and there are services that pair your parents with live-in nurses who are the most qualified to handle the needs of each of your parents.

Periodic Services

These are services that are provided during certain parts of the day. If you only need assisted care for your parents during the morning, afternoon and early evening hours, the service sends in a couple of staff to cover these hours and then leaves your parents to sleep (or allows you to stay with them overnight, if you would prefer to do that). You can also find periodic services that cover the night shift if there are issues that need to be addressed, like wandering and nighttime toileting needs.

Specific Services

If you are worried about your parents using the stove or getting in and out of the bath safely, you can hire an assisted living service that sends a nurse or aid to address just these brief time periods. For example, if you have need of someone who can cook meals for your parents and prevent any burning accidents or fires, then you can ask for someone to come three times a day to cook and prepare nutritious and balanced meals. If your mother has a bad hip and needs help in and out of the tub or shower, you can hire a nursing service to send someone to help your mother with just her bathing needs on specific days and times of the week.

Transportation to/from Medical Appointments

The final assisted living service provides transportation to and from medical appointments. You can choose to meet your parent(s) at the doctor's office, or rely on the nursing staff to provide you with the information received from the doctor. These transportation and support services keep ailing parents from attempting to drive on their own, especially if there are concerns with their vision (e.g., cataracts, blindness, glaucoma, etc.). The vehicles belonging to these assisted living services are frequently equipped with the means to transport people in wheelchairs, as well as assisstive and protective devices to help your elderly parents get in and out of the vehicle safely.

To find more information, contact an assisted living service.